About this Website

It seems that the Coronavirus will be impacting the world for quite some time, and I have already had a variety of sources give me conflicting information about how bad it is, how worried I should be, and what I can do to help. As such, I decided to do my own work, since I clearly had the time, and this website simply shows my findings. I would not call myself an expert on the subject, but I think the fields of study speak for themselves, and I would love for you to take a look!


There are many theories explaining the spread of epidemics, from fields such as mathematics, finance,
computer science, and many more. Pick your favorite to learn how you can help stop the spread!


Computer Science (Coming Soon)

We can code simulations to empirically show the spread of disease, as well as test the actual effect of various changes we make in practice.


Machine Learning (Coming Soon)
Logistic Prediction

Using historical data regarding epidemics, we can figure out what makes this one similar or different to see how it may play out in the future.


Differential Equations
The SIR Model

The Susceptible, Infected, Recovered model is used to model the change in the population over time, and we can mess with the parameters to see what works best.

Bottom Line

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